10 inch Popobe Bear iPad stands July 30 2014

Popobe bear was the creation of a designer from Guangzhou China. Originally it was just a blank model for graffiti. You can either graffiti on them to DIY your own characters, or cosplay them to different kinds of characters from manga, anime, comic books and films. The band became extremely popular when it came to the market and two years ago, it finally came to London Camden Market to meet our UK customers thanks to my boss, Mr Wang….Yippee….and of course no doubt they are as popular as in many other regions.

There are many different models but my favourite will be the 10 inch ones.

With the movable limbs and heads, they can be flexibly posted to different gestures, standing up or sitting down, etc. They are adorable as it is but one day when I came to work, the Union Jack Popobe Bear was sitting down on the shelf, holding up a iPad dummy. I was like…OH MY GOD. It was a genius idea.


Seeing them everyday and having iPad myself, the combination had never come across my mind. I must admit Mr Wang has creative mind.

So basically, if you move the arms of the Bear backward to 45 degree angle and the legs forward about 30 degree angle so they can be sat down steadily with limbs touching the surface perfectly wherever you put on and of course head facing straight. Now if you put the tablet in between the legs and the head, your tablet will be held and stood up steadily on the Bear.

If you find the tablet cases in the market, they all can be the holder as well as the cover. The problem is, if you use the case as a holder, it can only be stood up with the cover flipped over, becoming a fixed triangle to support the tablet. Not adjustable and easily fall over due to the very little supporting area. It means the case doesn’t hold the tablet steadily and not the angle you want it to be (at least with my iPad case).

And with our beloved Popobe Bear, because of the movable limbs, not only means 4 supporting points for the stand and can also be adjusted. Moving the arms to different degrees then your tablet will be held in different angles and the tablet is stood up steadily, no wobbly or any sort. Isn’t it genius and convenient?

In the highly intensive competing market, if one product has only one single function is far not enough to compete, not even to talk about satisfying the needs of our demanding consumers these days. Giving a toy a useful function not only brings more fun to our customers but also adds values to our products. One stone kill two birds. Salute to Mr Wang, that’s how he rolls.